Ain’t it funny how you want to go about things in a certain way but it does not happen like that? “Yeh Bhi theek hai” has become a major mood for almost every one of us going through and surviving the pandemic. But when it comes to events like the important exams you always already knew you had to appear for, “yeh bhi theek ‘nahi’ hai!” 

We know that many of you have been awaiting your competitive exam dates. But given the situation everywhere, ‘exam postponed’ has become the only thing visible on the different sites. 

We also know that while some of you are waiting to get done with the exams and have things figured out, some of your friends are already moving on in life. This wait, when you see others going on in their respective field while you are simply there, waiting for your chance, it’s a feeling that makes us become Ross sounding hoarse and saying ‘I am fine!’

September to January was supposed to be the time for most Banking and SSC examinations. But due to the rise of new variants of the Coronavirus, exams are being postponed left and right. In such times Yash Raj Mukhate’s trending remix of ‘meri koi feelings nahi hain’ seems to be referring to you. Well, when such trying times test the limit of your patience, it is best to find some alternatives to focus on. 

Hop on the wagon of camaraderie of ‘how to go about things.


  • Get thrifty- since last year one thing that really got the social media running and bustling was not just “rasode mein kaun tha” but also small thrift stores. To all those student entrepreneurs out there, we are so proud of all the creative things you are making and selling.

It is truly commendable to all those creative minds who are making the most of their free time and utilizing it as a medium to pave the way for a prospective future. Here is an alternative for those who are still waiting for their exams to commence.

You can choose one of the two. You can either take baby steps and think of channeling your wait for events to begin by starting your own small store, or you can upcycle your wardrobe and look by buying from such thrift stores. Either way, we are sure it will uplift your mood for who does not like small indulgences!


  • Hobbies- well it is a given since childhood that we all must have a hobby or our parents will choose one for us and we have to go along with it. Well, welcome to Indian childhood. 


These days these hobbies have become a dandy thing that seems ideal for passing time. But with new things being discovered each day, hobbies are also evolving. Video games, discovering new remote places, food blogging, journaling, etc. all fall under the genre of hobbies. 

Those of you who are amazing in cooking can make your own food blog page on social media. This is indeed a very refreshing way of not feeling intimidated by others progressing towards their goal. By maintaining your own page and by being involved in something you genuinely enjoy you might not even have time to ponder on how others are moving on while you are staying in the same place. 

Video games are another really endearing hobby. In some competitive exams, which most of you are planning to appear in, they ask questions like “do you think children should be given the liberty to play video games?” to which some of you may answer ‘yes’. Video games do not simply remain an activity that helps you spend a few hours staring at the screen with your fingers flying over the keyboard. People with intuitive minds who are fond of video games are themselves coming up with feasible ideas of making new video games or finding new calling in the field of animation. Hence, it is really a very good alternative to focus on your hobbies for who can say which way your life may turn from there on. 


  • Research- they say ‘when God closes a door, He opens another window somewhere’. Sayings such as these are the only candle that helps us through such tunnels. Ever since the lockdown we all have quite literally and metaphorically kept all the doors closed and windows open. Well, it seems like a sign. While it honestly seems like not being able to have something solid going on in life, the problem most of us students have been facing lately, the saying can really be the support you need in life right now. 

Researching about things you would otherwise not have considered can be the new turn in life. Had things been normal we all would have been caught up in the mundane routine of daily life. Now that we are not able to go on like that, researching and considering other options can be really beneficial. Because things are not panning out the way you thought it would, why not delve a bit deeper and look for some other things that are to your liking? 

Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine would not have been able to pull through so many thanksgiving heists had they not thought of various alternatives of making the heist such a big game. Well, we truly hope that you all too find your window that might help throw some much needed light on what to do next. 


Well, we truly hope that the examinations take place soon and that all the aspirants can have a verdict on what to do next. But until then we hope these alternatives may be of some help to you. 

No one likes to be stagnant in a position that does not help them grow. But if one truly wants to make a move, they can do it now. Be it your hobbies, entrepreneurial skills or even looking for alternatives, the show must always go on. Some of you might even be tempted to scream out ‘we were on a break’ by not being able to make a move. Taking into consideration all of that it is still commendable if you have the strength to go on to take the world like Rachel did. Five friends being broke in New York can seem too unrealistic. But five friends struggling through their individual troubles no matter which part of the world they live in can definitely pull through everything if they have the strength to hold on and go on in their lives. So all the government exam aspirants, we pray your hard work pays off soon, but until then, think new and maybe a new turn awaits you. 

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