The place where we live today is totally influenced by the use of AI and almost every sphere of life is surrounding itself with the use of Artificial Intelligence or AI. Generative AI has been an addon to the already developing concept of the same. In simpler words if we try to understand generative AI then it is a type of Artificial Intelligence Technology which has potential to produce different types of content which includes images, videos, text and other things. 

So there must be questions hanging around the same pillar that is Generative AI is not a new concept then why it has been in news recently. It is because of the fact that a new thing known as “Transformers” has been added which is meant to change the altogether phase of AI potential. Developers are still working on it and hope to get it launched in the AI world very soon. In the meantime let us know more about Generative AI.

Generative AI
Generative AI

How Does Generative AI Work?

  • Generative AI works in response to the prompt that the users feed as an input.
  • The input could be in the form of an image, text, video, audio and once it is processed, the user gets the desired results
  • Generative AI is a much wider thing and can be used in the music industry, healthcare sector, startups, etc.

Advantages and Uses of Generative AI

As the hype of Generative AI continues to grow, one must be aware of the necessary advantages that it possesses. The first advantage that Generative AI carries is the level of product development that it offers.

It is helpful in improving the quality of the content which in turn helps in improving the customer relationship. Generative AI is helpful in the industries where personalization is a must.

The developers can use Generative AI in getting ideas for different kinds of personalised products or the services that they offer. Recently, ChatGPT and bard have been effective in different ways for various industries ranging from education to entertainment. Now let us explore the fields where it can be implemented:-

  • Finance:- Analysts use Generative AI the most in the finance field. They use Generative AI for getting regular ideas about the market pattern and other things related to the stock market or finance sector.
  • Healthcare:-Generative AI is helpful in catalysing the research work which will help the medicine industry further. 
  • Marketing:- It is helpful in crafting personalised campaigns and content for the clients

These are just some of the sectors in which Generative AI can be used.Almost every technical field can be shaped wisely with the help of Generative AI today.

Risks Associated with Generative AI

Along with advantages there are some limitations which Generative AI offers and these points must be kept in mind while using the same.

  • Non Transparent
  • Copyright issues
  • Automation issues
  • Non Reliable Information
  • Harmful Ideologies

What’s Ahead?

The recent developments have added new edges to Generative AI and this will take this older technology to a newer stage of using Artificial Intelligence. Generative AI has a significant role to play in the future and how it will be used totally depends on the user. There needs to be a balance between the advantages and the risk associated and then Generative AI will be ready to bring positive changes in different sectors as discussed.  

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