Circles form a major part of the Mathematics syllabus in school, as well as in daily common life. Understanding the concept of circles is very important for students from a very early stage. Edureify has brought for all one of the most basic concepts of circles- the circumference of a circle.

Read on to know in detail what exactly is the circumference of a circle, how to calculate it, and more.

What is the Circumference of a Circle?

Circumference of any shape- square, triangle, or circle is the perimeter of the object. Unlike the area of an object that calculates the space occupied by an object, circumference calculates the length of the object.

The circumference or perimeter of a circle is the length of the line that makes a circle. The circumference is the distance of a circle. 

How to calculate the circumference of a circle?

Calculating the circumference or even the area of a round object requires one to be aware of certain terms related to a circle.

Following is the list of terms that are required to calculate the circumference of a circle-

  • Centre- The middle point of the circle that is equidistant from the boundary of the circle from all points is the centre of the circle.
  • Diameter- Diameter is the straight line across a circle that is drawn from the centre of the circle. The diameter of a circle touches both sides of the boundary of the circle.
  • Radius- Radius is also a straight line drawn from the centre of the circle, but only on one side. Radius is one of the most important features needed to calculate anything related to a circle.
  • Pi- A very vital and key component of circles that helps in calculating their area and circumference is Pi. Pi’s value is determined by the ratio of the circle’s circumference to the diameter.

For an easy and better calculation, the value of Pi is considered to be equal to 3.145…

Now, the formula for calculating a circle’s circumference is-

In terms of radius, Circumference= 2πR, where R is the Radius

In terms of diameter, Circumference= πD, where D is the Diameter.

Examples of calculating the circumference of a circle

Ex. 1:

The Radius of a circle= 2 cm

π= 3.14

Then calculate the circumference of the circle.


We know that in terms of radius, Circumference= 2πR

Therefore, Circumference= 2× 3.14 × 2, where 3.14= π and 2= R

Hence, Circumference= 12.56 cm


Ex. 2:

The Diameter of a circle= 6cm

What is the circumference of the circle?


We know that in terms of Diameter, Circumference= πD

Therefore, Circumference= 3.14 × 6, where 3.13= π and 6=D

Hence, Circumference= 18.84cm

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Some FAQs related to Circumference of a Circle

1. What are the two formulas to calculate the circumference of a circle?

The two methods or formulas that are there to calculate the circumference of a circle are-

  In terms of the Radius of a circle, Circumference= 2πR

  In terms of the Diameter of a circle, Circumference= πD

2. What is the perimeter of a circle?

The perimeter of a circle is the same as the circumference of a circle. The length, or the boundary that encompasses a circle is the circle’s perimeter or circumference.

3. What is the symbol of Pi?

Pi is denoted by the following symbol- π

4. From where can I learn about the circumference of a circle?

Edureify! Edureify is the best AI learning app that will help students clear all their doubts about any subject.

5. Are there any Mock Tests related to understanding the concepts of a circle?

Yes, there are mock tests that students can take to understand the concepts of a circle. The best place to take Mock Tests to improve the knowledge of anything related to circles is Edureify, the AI Learning App. 

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