Image:daily current affairs 21-june-2022
Image:daily current affairs 21-june-2022

Candidates for India’s competitive government exams must be well knowledgeable about current events regularly. Daily current affairs are an essential component of the syllabus for exams like WBCS, SSC, Railways, Banking, and others. Since Edureify recognizes the importance of everyday current events, it provides all students with the most recent and popular current events to help them study for exams.

Continue reading to learn about the daily news for June 21st, 2022.

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National News

1)The recently held 12th Ministerial Conference of the WTO agreed to a series of deals relating to the temporary waivers on Covid-19 vaccines, a moratorium on e-commerce trade, food security, and setting limits on harmful fishing subsidies.

  • The Ministerial Conference is the WTO’s top decision-making body and usually meets every two years.
  • All members of the WTO are involved in the MC and they can take decisions on all matters covered under any multilateral trade agreements.
  • The WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference was held in Geneva.

2)India will be taking over an ambitious hydropower project in Nepal — West Seti — nearly four years after China withdrew from it

  • India’s National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) has already begun preliminary engagement of the site in far-western Nepal
  • The CWE Investment Corporation, a subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation, had informed the Nepal Government in August 2018 that it would not be able to execute the 750-MW West Seti Hydropower Project it had undertaken on the ground that it was “financially unfeasible and its resettlement and rehabilitation costs were too high.

3)7th round of the India-Bangladesh Joint Consultative Commission was held recently

  • India extended its assistance in the management of the annual flood in Bangladesh
  • And also stated its wish to work with Bangladesh on Artificial Intelligence, start-ups, Fintech, and cybersecurity.

International News

1)Supply disruptions during the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war have led many nations to think about self-sufficiency in critical food items.

  • Examples include Russia’s export ban on wheat and sunflower oil, Ukraine’s ban on exports of food staples, Indonesia’s ban on palm oil exports, Argentina’s ban on beef exports, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan’s ban on a variety of grain products, and India’s wheat export ban.
  • Sudden actions such as these exacerbate the pressure on global trade leading to a spike in the prices of these commodities, threatening the food security of net food-importing countries.
  • Thus such disruptions in the supply chain had made India rethink its self-sufficiency in critical food items or at least reduce its excessive dependence on imports of essential food products.

2) Wildfires have engulfed the entire region in Zamora Province of Spain.

  • Wildfires have engulfed the entire region
  • Firefighters in Spain struggled to contain wildfires in several parts of the country, which is suffering a heat wave unusual for this time of the year.

Political News

1)Election Commission delists 111 additional Registered Unrecognised Political Parties. 

  • It had issued an order on the 25th of May to nudge the Registered Unrecognised Political Parties for ensuring due compliance. The Chief Electoral Officers were directed to initiate action for enforcing due compliances by RUPPs as a follow-up action.

Business News

1) A petty patent regime could encourage domestic enterprises to undertake minor adaptive innovations.

  • India’s rank of 46 in WIPO’s Global Innovation Index (GII) 2021, up from 81 in 2015, is encouraging.
  • India, which aspires to emerge as one of the largest economies of the world, needs to move up further in the innovation rankings, for building self-reliance in technology, especially in the context of the incipient digital revolution.

Sports News

1)Dinesh Karthik opens up a lot of options going into the T20 World Cup: Rahul Dravid

  • Dinesh Karthik as an “enforcer” opens up a lot of options going into the T20 World Cup, says India head coach Rahul Dravid, who wants to identify a core group of 18-20 players by the end of the England series.

2)Ridhima fails to qualify for the women’s 100m backstroke semifinal

  • Indian swimmer Ridhima Veerendrakumar failed to qualify for the women’s 100m backstroke semifinals at the FINA World Championships in Budapest on Sunday.

Miscellaneous News

1)Growth momentum continues, employment outlook improving: FICCI on the manufacturing sector.

  • The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s (FICCI) latest quarterly survey on the manufacturing sector has revealed that after experiencing a revival in the first three quarters of 2021-22.
  • The momentum of growth continued in subsequent quarters of Q4 (Jan-Mar 2021-22) and Q1 April-June (2022-23) and there seems to be an improvement in the hiring/employment outlook after a long gap.

2)International Yoga Day to be Celebrated Today Across the World. Here’s everything that you need to know about the history and significance of yoga in our life.

  • This year is the 8th edition of International Yoga Day and will be celebrated on June 21 in India and across the world.
  • Yoga is an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in India. The origin of the word “yoga” is from Sanskrit, which means “to unite”. 
  • On June 21, it was recognized by the United Nations. Yoga has gained tremendous popularity not only in India but across the globe.
  •  It marks an opportunity to spread awareness about the benefits of yoga. Yoga is said to be more than just an exercise for those who practice it daily.
  •  As to the United Nations, yoga stands as an emblem for creating balance and harmony. When yoga is applied to communities and societies, it offers a path to sustainable living. 
  • One of the highlights this year is “The Guardian Ring”, which underlines the “One Sun, One earth” concept and showcases the unifying power of Yoga, the government has said.  The celebrations have already started in Japan, “The Land of Rising Sun”. 

This was the wrap-up for current affairs relating to 21st June 2022.

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