General awareness, daily current affairs, and other important subjects are a vital part of the various competitive government exams in India. General knowledge is one of the most important topics that exams like WBCS, SSC, Railways, Banking, and more ask their candidates to be well aware of. Daily current affairs are not just an important part of the competitive government syllabus, but it is also a good habit for people to be updated with the happenings in the country and around the world.

Edureify, the best AI Learning App, has made it a point that students and aspirants of various classes and exams can get hold of all the important current affairs from one place. Edureify has made a particular section of daily current affairs from where students and aspirants can get all the latest and trending news.

Read on to know the daily current affairs of 14th May 2022.

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Today’s National Current Affairs

1. The AAP Government has launched a film policy that will help promote Delhi as a hub of movie production-

  • On Friday, 13th May 2022, the AAP Government launched ‘Delhi Film Policy-2022’.
  • The purpose behind the launch of this new policy is to promote Delhi as the hub of movie production.
  • The government has already set aside an Rs. 30 crore fund to help support producers and the city will also hold a film festival every year.
  • The nodal agency to implement this policy is the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTDC).

2. The PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana Scheme is extended by half a year-

  • To show care and compassion towards the underprivileged and vulnerable parts of the society, the Union Cabinet chaired by PM Narendra Modii has extended the PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana Scheme till September 2022.
  • The extended scheme will provide each beneficiary an additional 5kg ration per person this month.

International Current Affairs

1. New Zealand’s PM Jacinda puts plans to visit the US on hold after testing Covid positive-

  • New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern has tested positive for Covid-19.
  • Ardern’s plans to visit the US for a trade trip and also to give the inaugural speech at Harvard University are put on hold till the end of this month.

2. The US and its allies aim to force Russia to shift money away from war-

  • To stop Russia from investing in its war machine for the fight against Ukraine, the US and its allies are going ahead with plans aimed to make Vladimir Putin start rebuilding its economy.
  • The main US coordinator on the Russian sanctions strategy, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said that the goal is to make Russia be able to project less power in the future.

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Business and Economy Current Affairs

1. The Union Minister announces a new Repco Bank initiative, Repco Subhiksham- 

  • Ajay Kumar Mishra, the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, has announced a Repco Bank deposit scheme, a New Repatriate Welfare Scheme, and a Repco Micro Finance Ltd. lending scheme.
  • This new scheme, Repco Subhiksham, is a retail deposit scheme for seniors (60) and super seniors (80).

2. For a Credit Strategic Partnership, UNDP and Agriculture Ministry signs an MoU-

  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (MOA&FW) of the Government of India and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • The MoU states that the UNDP will provide technical assistance to the Center’s Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) and Kisan Credit Card.
  • Ritesh Chauhan, CEO-PMFBY, and Shoka Noda, UNDP Resident Representative signed the MoU in the presence of Narendra Singh Tomar, the Union Minister of Agriculture.

Miscellaneous Current Affairs

1. 13th May observed as Fair Trade Day-

  • Fair Trade Day, which was observed on 13th May 2022, commemorates the movement for a world where laborers are paid fairly for the products they produce and the work they do.
  • The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) created the day back in 2004 and said the Fair Trade Day would be celebrated on the second Saturday of May every year.

Here were the daily current affairs of 14th May 2022.

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