The Board Examinations in India are those that take place after completion of 10th grade and 12th grade. These exams occur at a national level, and are very important. The marks obtained in these exams are the prime consideration for admission in college/university in India. Very often, a 12th grade/10th grade marks card is considered an admissible ID proof while applying for a passport or a driving license. 

In 2019, about 31 lakh students appeared for the Board Examinations. These papers cover a wide range of subjects such as:
1.Science, Math, Social Studies, regional and foreign languages for 10th grade examinations;
2.Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, Social Studies, basic Computer Science and Electronics, Economics, Business Studies, etc. for 12th grade exams.

Different boards such as ICSE, CBSE, various State Boards, IB, etc. all conduct exams independent of other boards. These pen-and-paper exams are mostly full of subjective questions. A few sections of these papers may have objective MCQ questions as well.


All examinations take place at the same time across the country and in schools of other countries which follow the same board. This prevents any malpractices such as question paper leaking.

Each board prepares and distributes its own set of question papers for all the students taking exams, maybe will multiple sets to prevent copying in the exam hall. Students enroll in the exam through the school. The school provides them with the hall-tickets received from the board. In order to ensure a bias-free correction, evaluators are sent batches of randomly-selected papers. They will not be allowed to know who wrote the paper. Students cannot write their names, institutions, religious symbols or other symbols on answer sheets except their roll number.

Once the exams are over, it takes a month for result evaluation. Results are then released on online portals such as


There are many good reference books for board examinations. However, it is advisable that students stick to NCERT books for English, Social Studies, and Language.

Mathematics and Science papers often include Higher Order Thinking Skills questions (HOTS questions). These are based on the syllabus of the exam, but are of a slightly elevated level. They test the students’ concepts. Due to this many turn to online coaching platforms like Edureify.

With Edureify, students can study the exams using material that has been curated over years. Students can find extensive notes for such material, as well as quizzes geared towards strengthening one’s concept in trouble areas. The solver series have questions in different difficulty levels. Students can  now understand the basics of a concept before dealing with higher level questions.

Edureify connects students to experienced teachers specializing in Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, Economics, Mass Communication, etc. Most of these expert teachers have over 7 years of experience in the education industry. They are always available to help students learn at their preferred pace, and clear doubts whenever they arise. Such a facility is extremely valuable. Textbooks and class notes are definitely not sufficient for a complete understanding of any topic.

With a vast bank of over 65000 questions per topic and a plethora of mock tests, Edureify can help students improve their marks by so much as 30%!

Students who use such resources are also more confident going into the exam. This psychological boost works wonders for your performance. As the saying goes, practice does make perfect. Visit today!


Do the questions you know first. Do not waste time on extremely tough questions. Instead, leave space for it and complete the ones that you do know how to solve. This maximizes the number of marks you obtain.
1.Do write neatly. The one correcting your paper is not likely to be familiar with your handwriting. Write neatly, so that the examiner can fully understand your answer. This also helps in making a good impression.
2.Do try and answer questions in order. If you are skipping questions, BE SURE to leave space for those that you have skipped. Try and answer the paper in order as best as you can.
3.Stay cool and calm. Being anxious will result in you making tons of mistakes.
4.Double check your answers- this especially holds for Mathematics papers. Arithmetic mistakes can cost you marks (you cannot use calculators in CBSE math board exams).

Remember, with hard work and perseverance, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. So remember to study hard, focus, and always stay calm. Good luck with all your exams!!

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