Letter writing has been an important part of communication and is also a vital skill taught in the school’s curriculum. Most competitive government exams in India have English as part of their syllabus and there is a particular section meant to test the candidates writing skills.

Universally there are two kinds of letter writing- formal and informal. In this article, Edureify brings to all the format of how to write an informal letter. Competitive government exam aspirants must also pay close attention and gear up their preparation for the English and writing section with Edureify.

What is an Informal Letter?

Informal letters are those that are written to family and friends. While writing an informal letter the sender does not need to maintain a proper tone or formality but rather can have an easy-going, day-to-day conversational tone.

What is the purpose of an Informal Letter?

The primary motive behind writing an informal letter is to share personal information. Unlike a formal letter where the sender writes the letter with the main purpose of getting their professional issues resolved, informal letters are meant for sharing things that do not necessarily need to have a solution. Informal letters are meant for more intimate communication filled with emotional inuendoes.

Characteristics of Informal Letter

Before getting into the technical format of informal letter writing, here are some features of informal letters-

  Is not at all professional but more casual

  The body must be short, simple, and have a friendly tone

  Written to friends, family, relatives, and acquaintances

  Meant for private and personal communication

Types of Informal Letter

Here are the certain types of an informal letter-

  Invitation to a celebration or birthday party

  To call a friend for a vacation or trip

  As an apology to someone

  To express congratulations to a friend or acquaintance

  To inquire after someone’s well-being

  Invitation to a wedding

  Asking someone for a favor

  Updating relatives or friends about someone’s health or demise

Format of Informal Letter

Unlike a formal letter, the format of an informal letter is very simple. There are only certain particular points that one needs to follow while writing an informal letter. There are 7 key elements to keep in mind while writing an informal letter and they are as follows-

1. Address-

The first thing to write while writing an informal letter is the sender’s address. On the top left-hand corner goes the sender’s address in two to three lines.

 2. Date-

One must mention the date of composing the letter. The date is written below the address in the following format:

Date- May 11, 2022

3. Salutation-

A salutation is a form of endearment that is written before the name of the receiver. In an informal letter, the sender can use terms like ‘Dear’, ‘My Dear’, ‘Darling’, or can even mention the name of the relationship shared between them like ‘Grandma’, ‘Uncle’, ‘Sister’, and more. In case the letter is addressed to an acquaintance who is not that close then prefixes like ‘Ms.’, ‘Mr.’, and ‘Mrs.’ are also apt.

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4. Beginning-

Here begins the actual content of the letter. The beginning could also be considered the introductory paragraph of the letter. In this part, the sender can begin by inquiring about the health of the receiver. Here are certain ways in which the beginning can be composed-

o   How have you been?

o   How are you?

o,  Hope you are doing well!

o   It has been so long since we last spoke, etc.

5. Body-

This part is the main content of the informal letter. Here the sender explains his or her purpose for writing the letter. One does not need to be too concerned about the tone of the letter but only based on the relationship shared between the sender and receiver the tone differs.

6. Ending/ Conclusion-

Here the writer needs to wrap up his or her letter. This is a concluding paragraph where the writer needs to summarize his writing and bid farewell. The ending can also have an invitation or expectation whereby the sender asks for the receiver’s reply. It can be framed in the following ways-

o   Hope to see you soon

o   Hope to hear from you soon

7.  Signature-

Here also the letter can be concluded with an endearment the sender sees fitting. ‘Lots of love’, ‘love’, ‘with love’, etc. are some of the ways one can end the letter before signing their name.


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Some FAQs regarding Informal Letters-

1. Who are the recipients of an Informal Letter?

Informal Letters are addressed to close family, friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

2. What are the key points to remember while writing an informal letter?

Following are the 7 important points to keep in mind while drafting an informal letter-

o   Address

o   Date

o   Salutation

o   Beginning

o   Body

o   Ending/ Conclusion

o   Signature

3. What is the tone of an informal letter?

The tone of an informal letter is very friendly, a day-to-day language without any formality.

4. What is the purpose of writing an informal letter?

The purpose of writing an informal letter is to share some news, catch up with an old friend or relative, and talk to someone without any particular formal occasion.

5. Where can I practice Informal Letter writing?

Edureify! Yes, Edureify has all the important communication skills practice sections that will help students and aspirants to practice informal letter writing from. 


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