JavaScript is one of the world’s most popular programming languages. Much like the name suggests, JavaScript is known as the scripting language for Web Pages. In today’s data science world, JavaScript is one of the most trending technical languages that students are learning for personal and professional development.

Edureify aims to provide all the important subject lessons and study materials that help students grow and evolve into their dream careers. With our dedicated coding language courses, students will have access to learning all the latest technical courses at the tips of their fingers.

The JavaScript web programming course of Edureify will help students in more ways than one. Read on to know in detail about Edureify’s JavaScript course.


What is JavaScript?

To begin with the definition, JavaScript is “a lightweight, interpreted programming language that is designed to create network-centric applications”. JavaScript is a segment of Java and is very easy to use. JavaScript is closely integrated with HTML.


Why Learn JavaScript?

Learning JavaScript is a must for students who desire to become Software Engineers, Developers, or programmers. Edureify has come up with its JavaScript course to help students learn the programming language. The reasons to learn JavaScript are as follows-

  •   Learn one of the most popular programming languages in the world.
  •   Learn to develop great front-end and back-end software with the use of JavaScript that can be based on the frameworks like jQuery, Node.JS, and more.
  •   It is the default language of the internet and hence, one does not need any other software or platform to learn the language.
  •   Will enable one to create beautiful and fast websites.
  •   Apart from professional technical uses, JavaScript is a valuable tool for Game designers. JavaScript’s power, versatility, and ability to create appealing visual effects make it the ideal tool for game developers.
  •   From the perspective of a career, JavaScript is in high demand and the market is in need of candidates who are well-versed in the programming language.

Professionally speaking, the JavaScript course with Edureify will also enable a student to-

  •       Build cutting edge web applications
  •       Learn Full Stack Software Development
  •       Develop and polish their skills in the emerging technologies
  •   Secure a future in the IT sector


Benefits of learning JavaScript with Edureify

The students who will take up the JavaScript course with Edureify will be able to learn the following-

  •   JavaScript Fundamentals
  •   jQuery
  •   Ajax
  •   Learn about the different JavaScript frameworks and libraries like-

o   Angular

o   React

o   Vue.js

o   Ext.js

o   Ember.js

o   Meteor

o   Mithril

o   Polymer

o   Aurelia

o   Backbone.js


Build your JavaScript career with Edureify

Along with teaching the programming language with proper care and perfection, Edureify will also help students set up their careers. Learning SQL with Edureify will provide the following advantages to the students-

  •   Build e-portfolio: Edureify will help you create your e-portfolio which is a file that will contain all the projects a student completes and the skills they acquire during the course. This e-portfolio is shareable across social media which will help students show their expertise to potential recruiters.
  •   Resume Building and Interview Preparation: Edureify will also make sure to help make a student’s resume that will highlight their skills and expertise, and also their previous professional experience. We will also guide students in their interviews with our interview preparation sessions.
  •   Job: Taking a course with Edureify gives the students access to the Edureify Job Board. 1200+ organizations are supporting us by giving opportunities to our students with a job or internship with good annual pay.
  •   Career Guidance: Edureify has professional mentors who have transitioned to prestigious roles in the industry. Candidates will benefit from their guidance on how to build a rewarding career. 


Applications of JavaScript Programming

The benefits of learning JavaScript have already been mentioned. In this section, Edureify presents the applications of JavaScript programming.

The various applications of JavaScript in software development are as follows-

  •       Validation of clients- JavaScript enables developers to verify any user input before submitting it to the server and it also validates these inputs from the front-end.
  •       Operates HTML Pages- JavaScript helps in operating the HTML pages by adding or deleting any HTML tag and modifying the page based on the different requirements and devices.
  •       Notify Users- Users can receive various pop-ups and notifications on the webpage and this is made possible with JavaScript.
  •       Back-end Data Loading- With the Ajax library provided by JavaScript when developers are engaged in some other process it helps in loading back-end data. This enables the user to have an amazing experience on the webpage.
  •       Presentations- RevealJS and BespokeJS libraries provided by JavaScript enable one to create presentations that give a website look and feel.
  •       Server Applications- Chrome’s JavaScript runtime is the basis of NodeJS which helps in building fast and scalable network applications. This feature helps in developing sophisticated server applications along with web applications.


Edureify, the best AI Learning App strives to cater to all the educational needs of the students. With our JavaScript web programming course, students will have access to some of the best study materials, mentorship, and job opportunities after the completion of the course. Software Engineers, web developers, and programmers can all learn with Edureify to sharpen their JavaScript and other technical skills for a better future.

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Some FAQs on JavaScript-

1. What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is “a lightweight, interpreted programming language that is designed to create network-centric applications”.

2. What are some of the JavaScript frameworks and libraries?

Some of the JavaScript frameworks and libraries are-

  • Angular 
  • React 
  • Vue.js
  • Ext.js
  • Ember.js
  • Meteor
  • Mithril
  • Polymer
  • Aurelia
  • Backbone.js

3. Mention some of the applications of JavaScript.

Some of the applications of JavaScript are-

  •       Validation of clients
  •       Operate HTML pages
  •       Notify Users
  •       Back-end data loading
  •       Presentation
  •       Server Applications

4. Are there any prerequisites to learning JavaScript?

Candidates need to have a basic knowledge of HTML to begin their JavaScript course.

5. From where can I take the JavaScript course?

Edureify has the best JavaScript course for students to begin their professional journey.

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