The Joint Entrance Exam, JEE Mains 2022 Shift 1 exam has been concluded on 27th June 2022 by NTA.

Edureify provides all the important government exam updates and preparatory materials to help students score the best result. With the JEE Mains Shift 1 being concluded, Edureify will now provide the question paper analysis of the Shift 1 paper.

Read on to know the details of the JEE Mains Shift 1 question paper analysis.

Highlights of the JEE Mains 27th June 2022 Exam

The following are the key takeaways regarding the JEE Mains Shift 1 Paper-

  • The overall Shift 1 paper was easy to moderate
  • The mathematics section was considered to be lengthy by some and was moderate to difficult
  • Overall chemistry was moderate with equal weightage to every section
  • Physics was considerably easy
  • Questions were primarily based on NCERT and PUC 12

Qualifying Cut-Off from Previous Year

Category Minimum Score Maximum Score
EWS 66.2214845 87.8950071
OBC-NCL 68.023447 87.8950071
SC 46.8825338 87.8950071
ST 34.6728999 87.8474721
UR 87.8992241 100
UR-PH 0.0096375 87.8273359


JEE Mains Shift 1 Question Paper Analysis

Aspect Analysis
Overall Level of Difficulty Moderate
Physics Difficulty Level Easy
Chemistry Difficulty Level Moderate
Mathematics Difficulty Level Moderate to Difficult
NAT Questions Difficulty Level Average
Physics Topics with more Weightage ·       Waves

·       Semiconductors

·       Modern Physics

·       Electrostatistics

·       Communication System

Chemistry Topics with more Weightage ·       Physical Chemistry

·       Inorganic Chemistry

·       Organic Chemistry

·       Polymers

Mathematics Topics with more Weightage ·       Integration

·       Statistics

·       Mathematical Reasonings

·       Relations


Questions Distribution in JEE Mains Shift 1

The subject-wise questions distribution in JEE Mains Shift 1 is as follows-

Subject Questions from Class 11 Questions from Class 12
Mathematics 9 9
Chemistry 14 14
Physics 13 10


JEE Mains Shift 1 Answer Keys

The JEE Mains Shift 1 Answer Keys will be updated shortly by Edureify.

For the Chemistry Answer Key click here.

For the Physics Answer Key click here.

For the Mathematics Answer Key click here.

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Some FAQs regarding JEE Mains Shift 1 Exam-

1. When was the JEE Mains Shift 1 Exam conducted?

The JEE Mains Shift 1 exam was conducted on June 28th, 2022.

2. What was the overall difficulty level of the exam?

The JEE Mains Shift 1 exam overall difficulty level was moderate.

3. What topics from Mathematics were given more weightage?

The following were the topics that had more weightage in Mathematics-

  • Integration
  • Statistics
  • Mathematical Reasonings
  • Relations

4. Where are the questions primarily based on NCERT?

Yes, the questions were primarily based on NCERT.

5. From where can I learn more about the JEE exam updates?

To get more updates on the JEE exam and other competitive exams, download Edureify.

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