With the growth in technology, the demand for efficient programming languages is also rising. Edureify, the best AI Learning App aims to provide its students with the best coding courses that teach them all the necessary programming languages to become efficient programmers and grow their careers.

In this article, Edureify will talk about the Kotlin Programming Language and also provide necessary information on its job prospects. Read on to know more about the Kotlin Programming Language.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a programming language developed by JetBrains in 2011. JetBrains has also designed the most intelligent Java IDE, the IntelliJ IDEA. Kotlin is a statistically typed, general-purpose programming language that runs on JVM, Java Virtual Machine.

In 2017, Google announced Kotlin to be the official language for android development.  

Some of the features of Kotlin are-

  •   It is Open Source- Kotlin is an open-source programming language. It is a unique platform that combines object-oriented programs and functional features. The IntelliJ IDEA plugin, build tools, and Kotlin compiler are all open source.
  •   Interoperable- Kotlin works efficiently with Java/Android code. It is also influenced by other popular programming languages like C#, JavaScript, Scala, and Groovy, and is reliant on the existing Java Class library to generate better results for programmers.
  •   Concise- Kotlin codes are much more concise, and easier to understand and write compared to Java code.
  •   Tool-Friendly- Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin’s mother company is renowned for its series of developmental tools. Kotlin is therefore convenient to work with and its codes are also easier to decipher.

Why learn Kotlin?

Kotlin is one of the rising programming languages in the job market. Along with professional benefits, some of the other reasons to learn Kotlin are-

  •   Kotlin has an interoperable feature, which means it can work efficiently with Java/ Android code.
  •   Kotlin can cut off the lines of code by approximately 40% as compared to Java.
  •   If one is already efficient in Java, one can easily learn Kotlin.
  •   One can use any Java IDE or command line to run Kotlin.

The only prerequisite to learning Kotlin is having adequate knowledge of Java.

The Basic Syntax of Kotlin

Following is the basic syntax of Kotlin to appraise the students about the language’s simplicity.

Kotlin code to print “Good Morning!”

fun main() {
           var string: String = “Good Morning!” // defining a variable
           printIn (“$string”)

 Job Opportunities with Kotlin

Kotlin is slowly proving itself to be in high demand in the job market. Major companies are looking to recruit candidates who are well-versed in the Kotlin programming language.

A candidate who is knowledgeable in the Kotlin programming language can land himself/ herself a job worth an annual salary of $130,000. The salary also does depend on the location of the job.

Some of the major companies that are in search of eligible Kotlin programmers are-

Here was a brief introduction to the Kotlin programming language. The major companies that are looking to hire Kotlin programmers are a testimony to the demand of the language and why one should learn the language.

Edureify with its coding courses aims to provide a platform where students can learn diverse and in-demand programming languages to kickstart their coding careers. Those who would like to land themselves a lucrative job in either one of the above-mentioned companies then they must begin their learning journey with Edureify.

Taking the coding courses with Edureify will benefit students in the following ways-

  •   Have 200+ learning hours with the 6 months course and 2 months of Bootcamp
  •   Learn from the industry experts
  •   Get insight into the Full Stack Web Development
  •   Have access to the Edureify job portal and get career assurance
  •   Attend live classes and also get access to the recorded lectures

Learning about Kotlin, Heroku, Swift, Ruby, Java, and other programming languages has never been easier. Study along with Edureify, build your resume with our certified coding courses and get your dream job with Edureify.

Some FAQs on Kotlin-

1. When was Kotlin developed and by whom?

Kotlin was developed in 2011 by JetBrains.

2. Kotlin runs on which programming machine?

Kotlin runs on JVM, i.e., Java Virtual Machine.

3. Mention the features of Kotlin.

The features of Kotlin are-

  •   It is open source
  •   It is interoperable
  •   It is concise and easier to comprehend
  •   It is tool-friendly

4. Mention the top 4 companies that are interested to hire Kotlin programmers.

The top 4 companies that are interested to hire Kotlin programmers are-

  •   Google
  •   Amazon
  •   Netflix
  •   Uber

5. From where can I learn more about Kotlin and other programming languages?

Edureify with its coding courses is here to provide its students with all the latest programming languages to learn. Study along with Edureify to become efficient developers and get your dream jobs. 

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