The trend of ‘adapting to the new normal’ seems to have settled in for many of us, courtesy another year coming to an end. Living life in isolation and working remotely has been both a good and bad learning experience for us. This style of learning new things and unlearning old ways has come up to be a very dynamic encounter for finding new hope and style of life. 

We humans have the quality of conforming ourselves with changing times and demands. We being the ‘thinking social beings’ have the power to learn, unlearn, and relearn things from various perspectives. Well, with another year coming to an end, we at Edureify have also learned and grown along with all who are a part of our big family. 

As one of the members of the Edureify family it comes to me as a great pleasure to be able to ring in another year of new promises and wishes with one and all. 

Edureify is an initiative that was aimed to be a partner for all students who wished to have someone by their side to help them confidently tackle all minor and major exams in life.

Edureify is Enabling Schools to go completely digital & manage everything on their fingertips. With technology and things getting digitised, Edureify works in a sustainable way to help schools from admission of students to assessments. An app that understands all the minor and major requirements to run a school successfully online, Edureify is catering to needs of all who would like to go digital. For with great power comes great responsibilities and Edureify has all the tools to cater to the responsibilities. 

As the days go by and together we grow our app and include new members to our family, the more it feels like a serendipitous affair that helped bring two halves come more closer to complete the bigger picture. When working with schools and seeing the small things that work towards completing the bigger task of running a school successfully online, it is our greatest pleasure to be a part of such a journey. 

With each successful moment of catering to the needs of both sides of the coin, the schools management and the students themselves, Edureify can only soar higher and make greater accomplishments in the future. Our vision and reality grew along with our hope to be able to reach out to one and all who would need a helping hand like Edureify. As another year is nearing the corner it is only feasible to think of the dreams and goals we are to achieve and help others achieve. 

Edureify takes pride in becoming one of the top three trending AI-enabled learning apps that has complete learning pedagogy to help students right from school exams, entrance exams, and other government exam aspirants. As the calendar turns over another leaf it is time to ring in new cheer and new goals for all of us to look forward to in the coming year. Coming and growing so far has only elevated our enthusiasm to bring in more dynamism to our family by including more members in our tribe.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share some very personal message to all our Edureify members-

Thank you

Quality learning & Enabling Schools to scale beyond their limit continues to be in our DNA.  For me, and I can’t be more thankful to everyone who is a part of Edureify — our School Partners, Students, Investors,  our Teachers communities, our partners and so many more who have been great cheer leaders for Edureify and the Edureify Vision. I hope to do a lot more in making our Partners an even larger part of Edureify in 2022. Stay tuned!

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