Bachpan se hume exam ke preparation ke liye prepare kiya gaya tha. But exam ke baad agar final result ka wait karna padhe indefinitely toh kya karna chahiye… Well, nobody taught us that! Ab hum na London mein rehte hain aur nahi hume humare parents easily Europe tour ke liye ok kar de like Raj’s father did in DDLJ. Toh kare toh kya kare? Humari koi feelings nahi hain?

When it comes to understanding the anxiety students must be facing, be it regarding their exam preparation or post exam wait, Edureify knows how difficult it must be for all to keep calm. Keeping in mind the present situation, about the indefinite wait all the NEET aspirants are going through for their PG counseling dates, Edureify brings to you some tips to help you relax and also stay in the grid of studies. 

  • Spiderman Is The Way Home-

‘No Way Home’ seems like a dark joke given the present situation right? Chalo cheeze dark nahi karte. 

Now that this wait is creeping up inside your hardly maintained positivity bubble, it is all the more necessary to have some deviation to help you relax. If Marvel is your fandom then wait no more. It is not everyday that we are blessed with such moments of reliving our childhood. Given the situation now, it might be all the more comforting to watch something familiar.

  • Bust The Stress With Some Holiday Cheer-

 No matter what, it is that time of the year that inevitably brings some hope and well wishes with the holiday cheer. And jab Christmas vibes ki ho baat, Edureify is also being Santa to those who need comfort. 

The NEET PG Counseling dates are taking forever to be announced. In this beech ka bandar wala situation, keeping a strong and positive front can be a bit too challenging. But it is the Holiday season after all. It is time to leave the blues of NEET behind and welcome the warmth of red of new hope and Christmas vibe. 

  • Spirit Of Studies-

Well, if you are someone who feels more comfortable being surrounded with books and in the loop of studies, Edureify aap ke liye hi hain! 

Edureify is always stocked with –

  • Study materials
  • Live and recorded lectures
  • Mock tests
  • Quizzes
  • Doubt solving sessions
  • Flashcards, and more

To those who think being involved in studies will help them calm themselves then study along with Edureify. With our always available materials to study from, people can utilize their time by being abreast with their studies.

  • Beat The Fear For New Year-

Fear these days are not just limited to the uncertainty life might throw at us but also about the new variants and diseases that will be trending in the coming year. And it is for reasons like these that more doctors are the need of the hour. Usme hi agar decision lene mein time lagaye toh kya kare common man!

As the famous saying goes, ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’. Well, with another year of pandemic ending we can only hope that things better turn out for the best and the new normal does not disrupt anymore patterns of life. 

NEET aspirants might feel like there is no way out of this humdrum of not knowing when things will work out and set a new flow. But we believe in good thoughts and hope that things will work out just fine right when they are meant to be. 

Edureify also has stock of all the latest updates regarding NEET PG Counseling and the relevant news. With us as your partner in good and bad times nothing can become completely hopeless. So with the Christmas cheer as the motivation, keep the spirit alive that the NEET result will find its way out and put all the uncertainty to rest.

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