It is a new year and all of us had actually thought life would get a little bit better given the restraint in the rising cases. But, we are nowhere near getting started afresh with the new normal courtesy the variants of the virus. 

Schools and colleges are yet to begin full-fledged offline classes. What still remains a vital need of the hour is a capable partner that can help you handle your online classes, school management, and ensure an overall smooth running of a school online. 

Edureify has renewed its commitment and vigour to be of utmost aid to the teachers, managerial team, and even students in order to provide all the perfect tools for a better experience of online classes. Following are the most trending and hip ways in which Edureify is trying to provide the most to help schools do the most in such trying times-

  • Say No To Boring Lectures-

Edureify has taken one thing very seriously. That is, saying no to boring lectures. The conventional platform for taking online classes has made both students and teachers become too used to repeating ‘Am I audible’, ‘Is my screen visible’, and the likes. 

Edureify has upped its game in making sure that online classes can become a more interactive and easier endeavour. With our features of making the boring lectures more fun, teachers and students will have an enjoyable experience of online classes.

  • Easier Staff, Faculty, and Departments Management-

One of the most vital things of handling a large institution like School online is making sure that the human resources are having the satisfaction of working happily online. Edureify is here to help you make sure that all the staff, faculty, and different departmental works of your school are taken care of. 

Important tasks like-

  • Fees collection
  • Attendance tracker
  • Class allotment
  • Admissions 
  • Assignments tracker, and more, can be easily taken care of with Edureify.

  • Say Yes To Edureify’s Able Management-

It is indeed a tough task to keep track of everything properly online. In lieu of our renewed promise and vision of reaching out to more schools for successful working of things online, Edureify is the app you should trust. 

With the new academic session soon to begin and schools gearing up to welcome a fresh batch of students, Edureify is here to take care of all the work. There can be no such thing as too much help when it comes to keeping track of all the paperwork and other important documentation when it comes to the admission process. Edureify will make sure to be with you and complete all the tasks on time!

We know that schools are supposed to be enjoyed offline with childrens screaming and teachers scolding. But given everything that is happening, one needs to make the most of whatever they have. And hence, Edureify is here to tackle all the tedious work of progressing a school online without any added worries or delay in things. So get going with Edureify for all your online school management work and rest assured of a smooth flow of things.

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