Image: Computer Shortcut Keys
Image: Computer Shortcut Keys

Computer keys have been an important part of the syllabus of various examinations since the school days to the government examinations. Thus, Eduriefy is here to help you in learning the computer key shortcuts in an easy loving manner. Computer shortcut keys are generally asked in competitive exams such as RRB, IBPS PO, SBI PO, RBI, etc. Read the entire information to have an accurate knowledge about the computer shortcut keys.

Computer shortcut keys enhance the efficiency of the user and it’s a very good skill if a person possesses knowledge about the computer shortcut keys. Computer awareness forms a part of every examination now and these computer shortcut keys may be asked in the computer section or the General Awareness section. This is a decent scoring area where you can gain marks through memorizing and applying application-based knowledge.


The candidates who are looking to upgrade their knowledge concerning the computer shortcut keys are invited to read the complete article and score great in the computer awareness section of any examination.


We will start navigating and learning through the basics of shortcut keys and then you will get to learn about the advanced stage of the shortcut keys such as shortcut keys in MS Windows, MS Word, etc.


Basic Computer Shortcut Keys

 Name of the Shortcut Key Applications
Alt+E Helps in editing options in the current program.
CTRL + A It helps in selecting all the texts.
CTRL + X It helps in cutting the selected text or it helps cut.
Ctrl + Del It helps in deleting the selected item.
Ctrl + Ins Helps in copying the selected item.
Shift + Ins It helps in pasting the selected item.
Ctrl + Home It helps in navigating to the starting of that particular page.
Ctrl + End Go to the end of a document
Shift + End Highlight from the prevailing position to the end of the line


Ctrl + Right Arrow Moving one term or word right at a time
Alt + F It helps in getting the menu options on the current page or program.
Alt + F1 It helps in accessing any sort of program
Ctrl + C It helps in copying a particular item.
Ctrl + V It’s the shortcut key for pasting a copied item


Home It takes the user to the start of the current line.
Shift + home Highlight from the prevailing position to the start of the line.
Ctrl + Left Arrow Moving one word or term left at a time.


Advanced Shortcut Keys- MS Word, MS Sheet

Once you are acquainted with the basic level of the computer shortcut keys, here is the list of all the advanced shortcuts. Check the list now which will help you in the exam and practical life also.


Powerpoint Shortcut Keys

Name of the keys Applications
Ctrl + K Adding a hyperlink
Ctrl + N Helpful in opening a new blank slide in a different PowerPoint program.
Ctrl + Shift + > Increases the chosen text size by one font
Ctrl + G It helps in grouping things together
F5 Helpful in starting a presentation from the initial slide
Ctrl + Shift + < It helps decrease the font size.
Ctrl + D Duplicate the current slide
Ctrl + M Includes a new blank slide after the chosen slide
Esc Exit the slide slowly and take you to the menu.


MS Windows Keys ( Includes all the important MS Windows apps such as MS Word, MS Sheet Shortcut Keys)

Name of the key Applications
Ctrl + B Bold highlighted section
Ctrl + X Cut the selected text
Ctrl + C Copy the selected text
Ctrl + N Opens a new document
Ctrl + O Open Options
Ctrl + P Open the print window
Ctrl + F Opens the find box
Ctrl + I Italicize the highlighted section
Ctrl + K Inserts a link
Ctrl + U Underline highlighted section
Ctrl + V Paste the selected content
Ctrl + G Find and replace options pop up
Ctrl + H Find and replace options pop up
Ctrl + J Justified paragraph alignment
Ctrl + L Align selected text or line to the left
Ctrl + Q Align selected paragraph to the right
Ctrl + E Aligns selected text to the center
Ctrl + R Aligns the selected text to the right corner
Ctrl + M Indents the paragraph


This basic information about the Computer shortcut keys will help you in government exams like RRB, IBPS, SSC, etc. Along with this, you can practice more for the computer awareness section and master this section with a good score. Subscribe to Edureify’s test series now for getting a good hold over any competitive exam preparation and revision.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question No 1:- What is Alt + E used for in basic computer shortcuts?

Answer:- The Alt+E is used for editing the selected text by replacing it with another text.


Question No 2:- How many function keys are available in a Keyboard?

Answer:- Altogether there are 24 functional keys in a keyboard. The traditional one possesses 12 functional keys.


Question No 3:- What is Ctrl + M used for?

Answer:– Ctrl + M is used for indenting a particular paragraph that has been selected.


Question No 4:- What is Ctrl + C used for?

Answer:– Ctrl + C is used for copying a certain text or paragraph selected by the user.


Question No 5:- What along with Ctrl is used to bold a certain text or paragraph?

Answer:- Use Ctrl + B to bold a text or a paragraph.










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