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Top 10 Highest Paying Software Jobs

S.No. Post Name Job Description Skills Required Salary Offered
1.       Full Stack Developer Full Stack Developer is one of the most lucrative technical jobs in today’s market. The role of a Full Stack Developer demands the candidate to be well-equipped with both front-end and back-end web development skills. Interested candidates must be well-versed in-

·   HTML

·   CSS

·   JavaScript

·   Frameworks

·   APIs, etc.

The average salary in India is INR 2.4 LPA- 20 LPA.

The average salary abroad is $84,903- $116,504 per year.

2.       Big Data Engineer According to statistics, around 97% of organizations are investing their resources in Big Data and AI. To handle such huge investments, to overlook its efficient working, Big Data Architects or Big Data Engineers are in great demand. The Big Data Engineers need to be in charge of planning, designing, executing, and managing the entire process of large-scale developments and big data applications. Candidates must have the following set of skills:

Soft skills-

·   Communication skills

Hard skills-

·   Hadoop

·   Spark

·   NoSQL

·   Data Warehousing Technology


Abroad, the average annual salary of a Big Data Engineer is $140,000.
3.       DevOps Engineer Development Operations Engineers have the responsibility to maintain an understanding relationship among IT, Software, and business teams. The key job description of a DevOps Engineer is to facilitate automation. The DevOps Engineer uses code to better facilitate the existing software. The important skills required of candidates for this post are-

·   Perl

·   Python

·   JavaScript

The average salary in India is INR 4 LPA- 14 LPA.

Abroad, the average salary is $75,000- $141,000 per year.

4.       Cloud Architect Much like the name suggests, Cloud Architects are in charge of the entire process of cloud environment development. From planning a strategy and coordinating its execution, to implementing the entire application development, a Cloud Architect needs to overlook it properly. Some of the skills required in a Cloud Architect are-

·   Amazon Web Services (AWS)

·   Azure

·   Google cloud platform

·   Understanding of cloud application architecture

·   Communication skills

Annually, the salary of a Cloud Architect abroad is $107,000.
5.       SQA Engineer Ensuring that software is bug-free, has the best quality, can fulfill the customers’ expectations, and can better facilitate the entire software development process is the role of a Quality Assurance Engineer. The SQA Engineer makes sure that the product is up-to-the promised quality and assesses the risks before approving a product. The feedback of an SQA Engineer is very important and relevant when handling technical aspects of a product. A candidate must have the following abilities to be an SQA Engineer-

·   Testing

·   Technology

·   Maths

In India, the average salary is INR 4 PLA- 14 LPA.

Abroad, the average salary is $77,710- $128,960 per year.

6.       Android Engineer/ Developer The role of an Android Engineer is to discover the new technologies to develop android applications. An Android Engineer needs to overlook how an application is performing and provide optimized codes to enable better solutions. Candidates must be aware of the following skills-

·   Mobile Application platforms

·   UI/ UX

·   Web Development

In INR the annual salary is 4 LPA- 12 LPA.

Abroad, the annual salary is $90,000- $130,500 per year.

7.       Data Scientist Software and IT companies work with tons of data daily. Implementing AI is indeed beneficial, but overlooking the entire process of gathering, analyzing, and representing the data is a vital task that is performed by a Data Scientist. To generate accurate results from the data gathered and ensure its proper implementation, a Data Scientist plays a crucial role. A Data Scientist must be proficient in programming languages like-

·   Python

·   R

They must also have other skills like-

·   Programming

·   Know Statistics, etc.

The annual pay of a Data Scientist in India ranges between INR 4.4 LPA- INR 25 LPA.

Abroad, a Data Scientists annual pay is $71,790- $130,370 per year.

8.       Machine Learning Engineer Machine learning is one of the key tools adopted in the IT and software industry. The role of a Machine Learning Engineer is to come up with new, efficient, and high-performing machine learning models that will help to generate better results. A Machine Learning Engineer must have good knowledge about the intricate details of Machine Learning and-

·   Mathematics

·   Data Handling

·   Neural Networks, etc.

A Machine Learning Engineer based in India can earn from INR 4 LPA- 22 LPA.

A Machine Learning Engineer abroad can earn $75,043- $165,000 per year

9.       Application Security Engineer The Application Security Engineer is one of the highest-paying jobs. Personnel appointed for this job need to develop cybersecurity guidelines. The Application Security Engineer works with the cybersecurity department. Skills required in an Application Security Engineer are-

·   BA in IT/ CSE Cybersecurity, or a similar domain

·   Ethical Hacking

·   Network Security, etc.

The average salary for such posts in India is INR 5 LPA- 23 LPA.

Abroad, the salary ranges between $115,000- $181,000 per year.

10.    Backend Engineers The Backend Engineers look after the development of an application. Backend Engineers need to work with APIs, servers, and databases to prepare better quality applications. Essentials skills for this job are-

·   JavaScript

·   Pyscript

·   Node.js, etc.

The average salary in India is INR 4 LPA- 22 LPA.

Average salary abroad is $25,000- $133,500 per year.


Here were the top 10 highest-paying software jobs. Edureify has earlier provided information on the Top 7 IT Skills in Demand 2022, Data Architecture Role, and How to Become a Big Data Engineer online.

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Some FAQs on highest-paying software jobs-

1. Mention the top 3 job opportunities in the software industry.

The top 3 job opportunities in the software industry are-

  •   Full Stack Developer
  •   Data Scientists
  •   Application Security Engineer

2. Is JavaScript an important tool for Backend Engineers to have?

Yes, JavaScript is an important skill for Backend Engineers to have.

3. Is there any job post related to Machine Learning?

Yes, the Machine Learning Engineer is a role associated with Machine Learning.

4. What is the average salary of a Data Scientist in India?

The average salary of a Data Scientist in India is INR 4.4 LPA- INR 25 LPA.

5. From where can I learn more about top-paying software jobs?

Edureify provides all the latest updates regarding top-paying software jobs. By taking the online coding courses with Edureify, candidates can sharpen their skills for better jobs in the software industry. 

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