SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is a computer database language that is designed for the retrieval and management of data in a relational database. In today’s programming and coding oriented world, SQL is one of the vital tools programmers need to be aware of.

Edureify aims to provide the best of the best, new, and advanced subjects and its study materials that will help budding minds grow and evolve into the geniuses they strive to be. Edureify is dedicating itself more to coding language courses that will help interested students engage in these courses that will enable them to learn from a young age and stage.

In this article, Edureify presents its SQL course and how it will help the interested candidates in embarking on their programming journey.


What is SQL?

SQL, Structured Query Language is a database language designed mainly for maintaining data in a relational database management system. The SQL tool is used by professional data analysts who have the responsibility of handling structured data. The tool is also used by developers who write data integration scripts.


Why Learn SQL?

Data science and analytics are based on such programming languages as SQL. By taking the SQL course with Edureify, students will be able to learn the following-

  •   Learn to insert, update, and delete the data from the relational database.
  •   Learn to retrieve data from the relational database management system.
  •   Be able to describe structured data.
  •   Create, drop, and manipulate the database and its tables.
  •   Learn to create the view, stored procedure, and functions in the relational database.
  •   Develop structured data after proper analysis and set permissions and constraints on a table column, views, and stored procedure.
  •   Introduction to DBMS
  •   Subqueries and Joins
  •   Functions, Operations, Grouping, and Filtering

Professionally speaking, the SQL course with Edureify will also enable a student to-

  •   Build cutting edge web applications
  •   Learn Full Stack Software Development
  •   Develop and polish their skills in the emerging technologies
  •   Secure a future in the IT sector 


Learn the Process of SQL

Edureify’s SQL course is designed for professional quality. Along with the basic knowledge of the programming language, students will also learn the following four components of SQL with Edureify-

  •   Query Dispatcherby 
  •   Optimization Engines
  •   Classic Query Engine
  •   SQL Query Engine


Benefits of Learning SQL with Edureify

By taking the SQL course with Edureify, students will get to learn how to use SQL in the following tools-

  • MySQL
  • SQL server
  • MA Access
  • Oracle 
  • Sybase 
  • Informix 
  • Postgres, and other database systems


25 SQL Commands

Following is a list of 25 SQL commands and their function-

S.No. Command Function
1.       SELECT It is the most commonly used command. It allows one to define what data they want the query to return to.
2.       SELECT DISTINCT This command returns only the distinct data.
3.       SELECT INTO Copies specified data from one table to another.
4.       SELECT TOP Returns top ‘n’ number or percent from a table.
5.       AS Renames a column or table with an alias one chooses.
6.       FROM Specifies the table one is asking for the data from.
7.       WHERE Filters the query to return results that match a set condition.
8.       AND Combines two or more conditions in one query.
9.       OR Combines two or more conditions in one query.
10.    BETWEEN Filters query and returns the result that fits only a specified range.
11.    LIKE Searches for a specified pattern in a column.
12.    IN Allows to specify multiple values one wants to select when using the WHERE command.
13.    IS NULL Returns rows with a null value.
14.    IS NOT NULL Returns rows without a null value.
15.    CREATE Sets up database, table, index, or view.
16.    CREATE DATABASE Creates a new database.
17.    CREATE TABLE Creates a new table inside a database.
18.    CREATE INDEX Generates index for a table.
19.    CREATE VIEW Creates a virtual table based on the result of an SQL statement.
20.    DROP Used to delete an entire database.
21.    UPDATE Updates data in a table.
22.    DELETE Removes all rows from a table.
23.    INSERT INTO Inserts news records in a table.
24.    ALTER TABLE Adds or removes columns from a table.
25.    DROP TABLE Deletes a table and the data in it.



Advantages of Learning SQL

Some of the advantages of learning SQL are-

  •   Does not require long programming or coding lines to manage the database
  •   Efficient Query Processing, i.e., by using SQL query a large amount of data can be accessed quickly and efficiently from the database
  •   SQL follows the standards of ISO and ANSI, the standard languages
  •   User friendly, i.e., SQL is portable and can be used in desktop computers, laptops, and even smartphones
  •   SQL is interactive and easy to learn and understand the language
  •   Helps in making multiple views of the database structure for different users


Build your career

Along with teaching the programming language with proper care and perfection, Edureify will also help students set up their careers. Learning SQL with Edureify will provide the following advantages to the students-

  •   Build e-portfolio: Edureify will help you create your e-portfolio which is a file that will contain all the projects a student completes and the skills they acquire during the course. This e-portfolio is shareable across social media which will help students show their expertise to potential recruiters.
  •   Resume Building and Interview Preparation: Edureify will also make sure to help make a student’s resume that will highlight their skills and expertise, and also their previous professional experience. We will also guide students in their interviews with our interview preparation sessions.
  •   Job: Taking a course with Edureify gives the students access to the Edureify Job Board. 1200+ organizations are supporting us by giving opportunities to our students with a job or internship with good annual pay.
  •   Career Guidance: Edureify has professional mentors who have transitioned to prestigious roles in the industry. Candidates will benefit from their guidance on how to build a rewarding career.


Edureify, the best Learning App strives to provide all the latest study help to students who wish to grow in their path. With our SQL Web Programming course, candidates who wish to begin their journey as web developers can surely begin the course and learn everything related to the subject with Edureify.

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Some FAQs regarding SQL-

1. What is the full form of SQL?

Structured Query Language is the full form of SQL.

2. What are the four components of SQL?

Following are the four components of SQL-

  •   Query Dispatcher
  •   Optimization Engines
  •   Classic Query Engine
  •   SQL Query Engine

3. What are the SQL-compliant database server products?

The SQL-compliant database server products are-

  •   Microsoft SQL Server
  •   Oracle Database
  •   IBM Db2
  •   SAP HANA
  •   SAP Adaptive Server
  •   Oracle MySQL
  •   Open Source PostgreSQL

4. What are the most common SQL commands?

The most common SQL commands are-

  •   CREATE Command
  •   UPDATE Command
  •   DELETE Command
  •   SELECT Command
  •   DROP Command
  •   INSERT Command

5. From where can I learn the SQL language?

Edureify has the best SQL course that will ensure a candidate is fully prepared for his professional career as a web programmer or developer by learning SQL. 


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