Java is one of the most essential programming languages that enable programmers and developers to build high-performing applications and programs. Previously, Edureify, the best AI Learning App had discussed the Java Programming Language Overview. With so many students already enrolled in our coding Bootcamp job-ready courses, Edureify now brings the trending Java project ideas that will help sharpen the technical skills of the students.

Before talking about the various projects one can develop using Java, the following is a quick recap of why Java is used by developers and what are the Java IDEs to start building projects.

Applications of Java that make it so widely used by developers-

  •   Java is easy to learn and use
  •   It is object-oriented
  •   It is portable
  •   Java does not require any particular platform, it is platform-independent
  •   It is secured
  •   It has strapping qualities
  •   It can be easily interpreted
  •   Gives better and high performance
  •   It is multithreaded
  •   It can be well distributed
  •   It is very dynamic

Java IDEs to build projects-

To better develop and build programs, developers require Java IDEs and online editors. The following is a list of the popular IDEs and editors that will help one to start building their projects-

IDEs Online Editors
MyEclipse Codiva
IntelliJ IDEA JDoodle
NetBeans Rextester
Dr. Java Online GDB
Blue J Browxy
JDeveloper IDE One


Now that we have discussed some of the brief prerequisites of Java projects, read on to learn about the top Java project ideas that can kickstart your programming career.

The trending Java Project Ideas

Java Project Ideas for Beginners-

S.No. Project Name About the Project   Tools Used
1.       Currency Converter Converting currency is one of the most basic projects of Java. It is a web-based interface. Java Programming Language, Java Servlets Web Features, Applet, and Ajax
2.       Brick Breaker Game Developing this application is a way to study technology through its implementation. This project provides java experience and essential animation techniques with their integration. Java, Game Development, JFrame, JPanel, and Java Graphics Kit
3.       Attendance Management System Java developers at the university-graduate levels can successfully build this project. The project enables to manage attendance in any school or college or even an organization. Java Servlet, MVC Architecture, Maven MySQL, Tomcat Server JSP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
4.       Number Guessing Game This is another easy project that can be built on Java. Here, the player has to guess a number within a range and if they select the right number, they win. There is also the concept of limited attempts in the game. Java Programming Language and Random Class in Java
5.       Tic-Tac-Toe Game This is an application that is developed using GUI, Graphical User Interface in Java. This game entices a lot of users. Java, Java Swing, Java GUI, and JFrame
6.       Simple Banking Application Developing this application is very easy and ideal for beginners to begin their coding journey. Simple banking operations like deposit, withdrawal, checking balance, etc. can be performed. Java Programming Language, Oracle Database, and Java Methods
7.       Library Management System This project is also very easy to develop and use. It enables to track books, update records, and search for books easily. Java, Java Swing Library, MySQL JDBC Connector, MySQL Community Server, and rs2xml.jar
8.       Word Counter This Java project helps users know the number of words there are in a paragraph. Java, Java Swing, Java Framework (JFrame), and Applet
9.       ATM Simulation System This project also requires the use of GUI which makes this personal banking system more user-friendly. Java, J2EE, Apache Tomcat Web Server, and Oracle
10.    Airline Reservation System This project helps users to book airline tickets and more for both national and international trips. 

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Core Java, HTML, and SQL Database
11.    City Guide Project It is a web-based application that is built using Java. Much like the name suggests, this application stores all the information regarding a city’s hotels, restaurants, parks, and more. Java, JDBC ODBC 2.0 drivers, Oracle Database, J2EE, AJAX, and XML
12.    Text-Based Adventure Game This project uses Java and Data Structures to build an interesting game that is often referred to as interactive fiction. Java Programming Language, Java Objects and classes, and Array and Hashmaps
13.    Grading System in Java This project also uses the GUI interface and is a good project for beginners to develop a grading system for students.

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Java, Java Swing, MySQL Database, and JPanel
14.    School Management System It is a Java application that enables to store records of schools related to students, teachers, and staffs. Java, MS Access Database, Java Swing, Java Graphical User Interface (GUI), and JFrame
15.    Pharmacy Management System It is an application that enables users to have online doctors’ consultations and order medicines.

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Java, Java Swing, AWT, JDBC, and MySQL Database
16.    Supermarket Billing System This application helps to track records of sales daily. Java. JDBC, MySQL Database, JSP, JavaScript, Servlet, HTML, and Ajax
17.    Online Quiz Management System This application is ideal for MCQ-based test that helps in maintaining different sections for questions, marks, and subjects. Java, J2EE, MySQL Database, and JDBC
18.    HelpDesk Management System This project helps users to raise complaints regarding a ticket that is issued to them.

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Java, J2EE, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL database, Tomcat Server, JDBC, and Servlet
19.    Password and Notes Manager Similar to the To-Do List app, this application helps one to keep track of daily tasks and ongoing tasks. It also keeps the data secured with a password feature. Java, Android, XML, and Firebase
20.    Supply Chain Management System This application helps in the production sector by keeping track of inventory, storage, handling and moving of raw materials and finished goods.

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Java, JDBC, JSP, HTML, and MS-Access Database


Java Project Ideas for Intermediate-Level-

S.No. Project Name About the Project   Tools Used
21.    Virtual Private Network for an Office Developing VPN can be both a minor and a major project. The application provides a point-to-point virtual connection through traffic encryption, virtual tunneling protocols, or dedicated connections. Java, Java Servlet, J2EE, Apache Tomcat Server, HTML, JavaScript
22.    Flappy Bird Game This is a very simple application that can be developed using the Swing component of Java. Java, Java Swing, Java AWT, and OOPS
23.    Java Scientific Calculator It is a slightly advanced application that performs basic mathematical operations along with trigonometric functions, logarithms, and more. Java, Java Swing, Java AWT, and OOPS
24.    Simple Search Engine This is a very lucrative project one can develop to build their resume. The search engine is used for everything, so developing a search engine by using a ranking algorithm can provide better results. Java, Java Servlet, Oracle or SQL Database, JDBC, Apache Tomcat, and JSP
25.    Online Voting System This application automates a voting process where multiple parties are added and the leader is chosen after counting the votes. Java, JSP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and Tomcat Apache Server
26.    Online Book Store Much like an online store, this application enables one to view the lists of available books in a store and buy them from the comfort of their homes. Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java Servlet, MySQL, and Tomcat Server
27.    CGPA Calculator It is another web-based application that is of great help to university students. This can be a very fruitful project idea.

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Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, Java Servlet, MVC, Maven, MySQL, and Tomcat Server
28.    Snake Game A classic of all time, this application can be developed using Java and MySQL database with GUI. Java, MySQL Database, JDBC, Java AWT, JFrame, and Java Swing
29.    Job Portal This is another lucrative idea that helps individuals find a preferred job. Users need to put their credentials and qualifications and the algorithm of the application will help them find a job of their liking. Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java Servlet, MySQL, and Tomcat Server
30.    Online Cab Booking System A need-of-the-hour application, developers can come up with more such applications using Java.

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Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java Servlet, MySQL, JSP, JDBC, and Tomcat Server
31.    Crime Records Management System This application can be developed using Java to create a secured crime records management system. Java, JSP, JDBC, Tomcat Server, and MySQL
32.    Color Hunt Gaming Project It is a mind game built to increase one’s thought process. Java, Android, and XML
33.    Online CV/ Resume Builder It is an auto-generated internet-based application that helps students and professionals with an instant resume template that they can use by filling in their credentials. Java, MySQL Database, JDBC, Java Servlet, JSP, and Tomcat Server
34.    Weather Forecast/ Information System This is another very easy and doable project. Depending on the user’s location, this application will provide weather-related information. Java, Java Servlet, J2EE, Tomcat Server, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
35.    Exam Seating Arrangement System This project is a great help to the exam managers. The app will designate the seats for all the students automatically after providing the necessary information. Java, HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, MySQL, and Tomcat Server
36.    Traffic Controller System This app helps in the automation of traffic control. Java, HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, MySQL, and Tomcat Server
37.    Disaster Management System This Java-based application helps in the identification and implementation of techniques that will help reduce the causes of a disaster and loss. Java, Java Swing, JSP, JDBC, MySQL, and Java Servlet
38.    ID Card Generator It is a web-based Java project that utilizes the Swing library. Once the details are entered, the application will help generate the ID and also gives its copy. Java, Java Servlet, HTML, CSS, Java Swing, JSP, JavaScript, JDBC, MySQL, and Tomcat Server
39.    Memory Game This is another interesting mind game project idea that can generate a lot of users. This application will also require GUI use. Java, Java Swing, Java OOPS, and ArrayLists in Java
40.    Chat Application With social media getting more and more recognition, Chat Application is another fruitful project idea.

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Java, Java Swing Toolkit, MySQL, Java AWT, and JDBC


Java Project Ideas for Advanced-Level-

S.No. Project Name About the Project   Tools Used
41.    Social Networking Site Social networks are gaining a lot of popularity. Developing a social networking site can seem a bit too challenging but it does have its perks if it can be developed successfully. Java, Maven, J2EE, HTML, CSS, Java Servlet, JDBC, MySQL, and Tomcat Server
42.    Bug Tracking System This application helps developers to manage bugs/ errors that occur during SDLC.

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Java, JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP, Oracle/ Access, RetHat JBoss AS, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
43.    Text Editor This application can enable one to create texts and even edit them accordingly. Java, Java Swing, Java AWT, JTextArea, JMenuBar, JMenu, and JMenuItems
44.    Digital Steganography Building this project will offer various organizations in diverse fields to keep their data secured. Java, Java Servlet, MySQL or Oracle Database, JDBC, Tomcat Server, JSP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
45.    Criminal Face Detection System Another data-based application, this project is beneficial for better criminal handling. This application will use previous existing data and using statistics can match records for identification.   Tensor flow, Core Java, Machine Learning, SQlite, OpenCV, and knowledge of advanced Java concepts
46.    Airline Reservation System with Advanced Features With everything online, this application with customizable features like selecting the seats and advanced e-checking is another lucrative project idea. Core Java, Java Swing, Java AWT, Java Applet, and MySQL Database
47.    Advanced Chatting Applications The advanced chatting applications have features like audio and video calls with two or more people. Core Java, Network-Based Libraries, Java Sockets, File Handling, and Exception Handling
48.    Customer-Relationship Manager This application is used in almost every organization. Expert dealing with customers marks the efficiency of an organization and these organizations select only the best application to install in their systems. Spring Framework, Hibernate, HTML, CSS, JDBC, CRUD, MVC, and DB (MySQL)
49.    Email System This application will build a niche to send and receive emails. An organization can ask developers to build a customized email system depending on their needs.

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Event Handler, HTTP, and Protocols like SMTP and POP3
50.    Advanced Sudoku Another logic-based number game, Sudoku can be a little challenging to build but developers can successfully build this game with the help of machine learning and AI. Core Java, Java FX, Event Listeners, MVC, and Collection API


So here were the Top 50 Java Project Ideas for Beginners to Advanced.

Edureify’s coding Bootcamp job-ready courses help in developing such skills of the students by making them participate in real-life projects. Along with Java and its various tools, students can also learn Heroku, Ruby, Swift, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Web Development from Edureify’s coding Bootcamp job-ready courses and other informative articles.


Some FAQs on Java Projects-

1. What is Java?

Java is an all-purpose programming language developed by John Gosling in 1995 in Sun Microsystems. Java and its tools are used for developing programs.

2. What are the applications of Java that make it so popular amongst developers?

The following are the applications of Java that make it so popular amongst developers-

  •   Java is easy to learn and use
  •   It is object-oriented
  •   It is portable
  •   Java does not require any particular platform, it is platform-independent
  •   It is secured
  •   It has strapping qualities
  •   It can be easily interpreted
  •   Gives better and high performance
  •   It is multithreaded
  •   It can be well distributed
  •   It is very dynamic

3. Mention some of the Java IDEs.

Some of the Java IDEs are-

  • MyEclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • NetBeans
  • Dr. Java
  • Blue J
  • J Developer

4. Mention some of the Java online editors.

Some of the Java online editors are-

  • Codiva
  • JDoodle
  • Rextester
  • Online GDB
  • Browxy
  • IDE One

5. From where can I learn more about Java?

Edureify with its coding Bootcamp job-ready courses enable students to learn more about Java and other programming languages. 

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